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  • Troubleshooting Approaches for Portable CNC Cutting MachineOur portable cutting machine is developed from CNC cutting table or the numerically controlled machine tools or lathe. The general principle of this machine will be summarized as follows.
    By means of the beam delivery system such as a mirror and lens, the laser beam generated by an optical laser will be guided and focused onto the surface of the workpiece. The intense heat of the focused laser beam melts the workpiece all the way through ...
  • Technical Characteristic of Plasma Arc Welding EquipmentThe plasma arc comes with a cylindrical shape, offering excellent straightness and low divergence angle, so the shape and size of molten weld pool is slightly affected by the arc length fluctuation. Uniform weld lines will be easily obtained. Moreover, as the arc length increases, the fusion width of TIG welder will increase but the depth will decrease correspondingly.
    Plasma arc welding equipment is characterized by high temperature welding column and high energy density, which enables ...
  • A Comparison of Plasma and Laser Cutting MachineAs one of new thermal cutting equipment, the plasma cutter's basic principle is that it makes use of the heat generated by high temperature plasma arc to partially (locally) melt the workpiece and then the molten metal will be removed from the bottom of the cut by the momentum of the high-velocity plasma arc. However, the basic mechanism of laser cutter is another thing. Laser cutter utilizes high power density laser beam to focus on the surface of materials which will be heated to several thousands to tens of thousands of ...
  • Air Duct Dedicated Plasma Cutting MachineAir duct is a kind of desk type high speed CNC flame cutting machine, coming with compact and concise appearance.
    Cutting system makes use of pneumatic float height adjustment system which is most effective in cutting less than 5mm thick steel sheet. It fundamentally solves the problem caused by high speed cutting.
    Its framework consisting of steel tubes in the welded condition can be treated with vibratory stress relief ...
  • Categories of Steel Sheet CuttingIn terms of processing principles, the steel sheet cutting is mainly divided into two categories including hot work and cold work. Among these, hot work is the most widely used type in all mechanical and manufacturing industries due to its fast cutting speed and good cutting effect. Also, it is capable of cutting all kinds of complex shapes. All the operations like flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser beam cutting, abrasive cutting are part of hot work process. The other category is cold work. As its name indicates...
  • The Requirements for CNC Cutting Machine of All IndustriesThe workpiece adopted by power plants offers serveral features including heavy weight, peculiar apperance, high precision, processing difficulties, as well as expensive price. For instance, one piece of pressure vessel of nuclear power plants weights up to 400- 500 tonnes. A rotor of giant turbines and generator weights more than one hundred ton and requires over 30 years service life. Therefore, to manufacture qualities parts, the CNC cutting machine shall be characterized by large scale, high stiffness, and high reliability.
  • Automatic Height Adjustment System of Gantry Type Flame Cutting MachineGantry type flame cutting machine needs to work with pure oxygen to enhance the combustion temperature. However, underpressure or insufficient oxygen will be present if the oxygen cylinder used by enterprises has received little attention in long-term use, therefore resulting in the cutting effects. Some problems will occur such as increased hanging slag and irregular fracture surface, and so on.
    Operators shall pay more attention to the cutting height during manual cutting ...
  • Gear Drive of Gantry Type CNC Cutting Machine As we all known, the gear drive is a common mechanical drive and exists in all kinds of lathes or machine tools. To sum up, there are two purposes for using gear drive in the servo feed system of CNC lathes.
    First of all, the gear drive is able to convert the output of high speed low torque servo motor into the input of low speed high torque executive component.
  • Selection of CNC Cutting Machine TypeCurrently, the CNC cutting machine is mainly grouped into four categories which are gantry type, cantilever type, desk type, and portable type. Their cutting areas are placed in descending order (from the largest to the smallest). There are some minor differences between their applications. The gantry type offers 3-10 m transversal cutting width due to its stiffness. However, it needs to be mounted at the factory, usually ideal for large industrial and mining enterprises. The cantilever type is movable and easy to install.
  • Eight Features of CNC Plasma Cutting MachineThis CNC plasma cutting machine makes use of advanced plasma dedicated XHSD computerized numerical control system, supporting full offline working and offering humanized operation interface.
    This device is capable of transmitting the data rapidly. It adopts advanced USB interface without taking up the computer resource.
    It is compatible with many kinds of software such as Corel Draw, AutoCAD, and other software.
  • A Comparison of Flame and Plasma Cutting MachinePlasma cutting machine is fit for metallic conductive materials like low carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Whilst cutting the low carbon steel by the plasma cutter, the operators will be offered with high speed cutting experience and perfect cutting effect. The flame cutter is designed for metal cutting through combustion or oxidation, so, it is suitable for black (ferrous) metals like steel which can be treated by oxidation technology.
  • Application of CNC Flame Cutting Machine in the Brick Machine IndustryThe brick making machine has a very wide range of applications domestically, which is closely related to cutting. Generally speaking, there are CNC flame and CNC plasma cutting machine in the brick machine industry. The former is mainly applied to cut the ordinary carbon steel plate, offering the maximum cutting thickness of up to 300mm, while the latter (plasma cutter) is effective only in cutting thin plate and non-ferrous metals. The plasma cutting is faster than flame cutting.
  • CNC Beveling TechnologyCutting process is required prior to welding, so the cutting quality influences directly the proceeding of welding work. The beveling or bevel cutting is one of the cutting processes. Namely, operators need to create the required bevels on the plate to be cut, enabling it to be welded firmly and closely.
    Beveling technology refers that, through CNC nesting software, the bevel setup of components as well as nesting ...
  • Features of Flame CuttingHigh Cutting Quality
    In general, flame cutter is commonly used for medium plate with 20mm-100mm thick. It begins with the edge of steel plate with speed range of 0-700mm/min, achieving less than 2mm kerf width. It is also applied with automatic height adjustment control system, enabling the cutting torch to keep stable during the whole cutting process.
  • Development Status of Plasma Cutting TechnologyThe plasma cutting technology is used for cutting stainless steel, aluminum, etc. and now it is applicable to carbon steel. The main reason is that this technology gives a high cutting speed and the plasma cutter is easy to set up the cutting conditions, ideally suitable for automatic, unattended operation. While during the gas cutting process, it is necessary to frequently adjust the flame height, thus slowing down the cutting speed. Moreover, the preheating time is not conducive to enhancing the cutting efficiency.