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Our company provides a wide range of products such as CNC plasma and flame cutter, H beam steel production line, DC inverter welding machine. Our products have great advantages over other similar products produced by our competitors.

First, beams of all CNC cutting machines have been through furnace annealing process. In order to reduce manufacturing cycle time most manufacturers have substitute this process for vibration treatment. However, welding stress will occur after beams are cut and welded, and deformation will occur after this machine has been used for a long time. So we insist that every beam should be through furnace annealing.

Second, all CNC cutting machine beams are of wide beam structure and the total weight is 1200KG. Compared with other common beams whose weight is 600KG, our machine beam is two times as heavy as other common beams. Even though our machine consumes much more materials and it is more difficult to manufacture, our machine has been high spoken of by our customers for excellent structure stability.

Third, all main and auxiliary frames can be used on other machines. This means that if a customer has already purchased one kind of CNC cutting machines, it is easier to upgrade this machine in the future, reduces upgrading cost and improves equipment utilization efficiency.

In the end, cutting torches can be rotated around the same axis and this ensures that the center line of vertical torches will not change when the cutting direction is changed. And this will reduce dramatically the time spent on manual adjustment and improves efficiency. Actually our company is applying for a patent for this technology.

We at Yatai place great importance on providing our clients with high quality products possible. Therefore, strict measures have been adopted to ensure that our CNC cutting machine and welding equipment meet not only our expectations, but also those of our clients. We begin by carefully selecting our raw materials suppliers. Each qualified raw material supplier is graded and checked every month, and we only deal with those which routinely supply quality materials. In addition, ISO 9001 and ISO14000 are implemented so that manufacturing processes are executed according to international standards. Highly automated production lines are utilized to improve efficiency and consistency, and our employees participate in a training system which also helps to ensure quality and efficiency.

Another area we focus on is cost reduction, so that we can offer our high quality CNC cutting machine, arc welding machine, and H beam steel production line products at reasonable prices. We acquire our raw materials in great volume, which allows us to purchase them at a preferred rate. The use of highly automated equipment reduces our labor costs, and strict attention to achieving a high quality percentage rating by our staff helps to eliminate any post-production waste due to defective products. We have many logistics companies to choose from here, and the strong relationships we have with them result in excellent rates for transporting both for us and our customers. Also contributing to our reduced costs is our highly structured budget, which takes into account our expansion, the current market conditions, and many other factors. This highly efficient management allows us to eliminate waste of labor, materials, time, and space. All of these factors combine to enable us to offer our CNC plasma cutting machine, DC inverter submerged arc welding machine, and other products at the most economical prices.

We are strategically located in the Taihu Lake area, which is in the fastest developing area in the Yangtze River delta. As there are many other machine manufacturers based in the area, our materials, labor, and transportation are convenient and affordable. Here we have access to the Shanghai Port and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, as well as the Nanjing Airport and Wuxi Airport in Jiangsu Province. Thus, it is convenient for us to transport materials and products. As a result, our quality CNC cutting machines, welding inverters, and related products are exported to Chile, India, Southeast Asia, Russia and Eastern European countries.