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1. Company Introduction
Changzhou Yatai Welding and Cutting Technology Company Ltd. is a professional Chinese manufacturer of quality CNC cutting machine, H beam steel assembly line, and many types of welding machines and materials in China. We operate under the CE agreement, and all our production processes are executed in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000:2004 system.

We now have 300 employees, including more than 40 technical staff, many of which have worked at well-recognized foreign companies and are experienced in product design. Our advanced and independent R&D center and cooperative relationships with domestic universities allow us to continually improve and develop new, advanced models for our customers.

Since we were established in 2008, we have provided quality machine models including our CNC plasma/flame cutter, CNC pipe intersection cutter, H beam steel assembly line, automatic welding assistant equipment, and welding wire as well. Our production capacity and sales have grown rapidly. Now our annual production of machines & equipment is 500 units, welding materials of 35,000 tons every year, and our annual turn out is 500 million Chinese Yuan. Foreign business accounts for over 50% of our revenue.

Our company also invests much in customer individual requests, which also gives us an advantage over our competitors. Our professional sales engineers will consult with customers to ensure that they get the best machines and products, based on their specific requirements. A strong service team ensures our machines work well, and that customers are able to operate them easily and conveniently. We sincerely hope to develop more mutually-beneficial relationships with international customers in the future.

2.Company History
In 1995 Liyang CHANGWU Mechanical & Electrical Company Ltd. was founded.

In 1996 Nanjing CHANGWU Mechanical & Electrical Company Ltd.and Danyang CHANGWU Mechanical & Electrical Company Ltd. were founded.

In 1997 Jurong CHANGWU Mechanical & Electrical Company Ltd. was founded.

In 1998 Gaochun CHANGWU Mechanical & Electrical Company Ltd. was founded.

In 2002 we purchased 34,000 m2 of land to establish the YATAI Company.

In 2003 YATAI Company was founded and production was begun.

In 2004 We independently designed a new type of welding material and automatic CNC cutting equipment.

In 2005 we expanded our workshop and developed international markets, and our annual output of welding material reached 10,000 tons.

In 2007 we took part in the international welding and cutting exhibition, which was dedicated to international markets.

In 2008 we explored domestic markets for our CNC cutting machine, and the total value of output reached 300 million RMB.

In 2009 CNC cutting machines were upgraded by adopting new technology.

In 2010 we purchased 14000 m2 more land, and prepared to manufacture our laser CNC cutting machine in the new workshop. We also integrated a drilling & cutting machine.