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Currently, the CNC cutting machine is mainly grouped into four categories which are gantry type, cantilever type, desk type, and portable type. Their cutting areas are placed in descending order (from the largest to the smallest). There are some minor differences between their applications. The gantry type offers 3-10 m transversal cutting width due to its stiffness. However, it needs to be mounted at the factory, usually ideal for large industrial and mining enterprises. The cantilever type is movable and easy to install. There is no need for fixed factory. So, it costs less. But, it delivers limited transversal cutting width and poor stiffness of transverse beam during high speed cutting process. All components of desk type cutting machine are combined into one compact unit. It is easy to move, but comes with the limits of cutting areas. As for the portable type, it is convenient to transport due to its light weight, commonly suitable for individual processing enterprises.

In general, the selection of CNC cutting machine is specifically adjudged by the enterprises' actual processing conditions that comes down to processing site, materials to be cut, cutting part style, etc. Users need to learn about these factors before placing an order. Surely, purchasers can put forward their requirements and then manufactures recommend a suitable machine type or even offer the custom solutions.