Automatic Height Adjustment System of Gantry Type Flame Cutting Machine

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Gantry type flame cutting machine needs to work with pure oxygen to enhance the combustion temperature. However, underpressure or insufficient oxygen will be present if the oxygen cylinder used by enterprises has received little attention in long-term use, therefore resulting in the cutting effects. Some problems will occur such as increased hanging slag and irregular fracture surface, and so on.

Operators shall pay more attention to the cutting height during manual cutting or CNC cutting process. Take gantry type CNC flame cutting machine for example. To achieve high quality cut, the heights between cutting torch and workpiece surface must be basically identical. This is difficult for manual operators, particularly under the condition of low evenness or limited operating environment. At this time, it is more important to keep the heights stable.

For gantry type CNC plasma cutter, its cutting torch will operate according to the preset track. However, the torch height needs to be adjusted according to different materials, different thickness, and different cutting modes. The distance between torch and workpiece surface is one of the major factor of ensuring the cutting quality and cutting speed. In the practical operations, apart from selecting proper torch model and pneumatic parameter, the cutting height need to decrease or increase according to the material being cut. Different parameters are used due to the different thickness of steel.

At the same time, prior to opening the cutting oxygen after preheating, it is necessary to keep the cutting torch at a certain position for preventing molten slag from blocking the cutting torch.