The Requirements for CNC Cutting Machine of All Industries

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The workpiece adopted by power plants offers serveral features including heavy weight, peculiar apperance, high precision, processing difficulties, as well as expensive price. For instance, one piece of pressure vessel of nuclear power plants weights up to 400- 500 tonnes. A rotor of giant turbines and generator weights more than one hundred ton and requires over 30 years service life. Therefore, to manufacture qualities parts, the CNC cutting machine shall be characterized by large scale, high stiffness, and high reliability.

The automobile engine and stamping parts production line features continuous process, high efficiency, and high reliablity. Therefore, a special research about the features of auto accessories and parts should be conducted. Then, the researcher needs to communicate with auto industries in order to develop the complete soft production line with serialization and modularization. This production line takes them as its process objects such as engine, cylinder, cylinder head, rankshaft, connecting rod, cam shaft, capable of developing CNC cutting machine with high speed, high precision, and high reliabilty. At the same time, the production line integrates with high speed feeding and deburring function.

The workpiece of large scale ship which needs to be processed is mainly high power diesel engine's engine base, frame, cylinder block, cylinder head, piston rod, crosshead, connecting rod, crankshaft, reduction gearbox, transmission shaft, rudder spindle, as well as propeller. These workpieces come with heavy weight, complex appearance, high precision, processing difficulties, etc., made of a special type alloy steel. Commonly, this is small batch process with required 100% finished products. Thus, to produce the workpiece of large-scale ship, we need to utilize the heavy duty or super heavy duty CNC cutting machine featuring high power, high reliability, as well as multi shafts.