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  • MAG Welding WireOur company produces low alloy steel welding wire, heat resistant welding wire and stainless steel welding wire. And annual production capacity is 30000 tons. Our welding wire is widely used in machine manufacturing, automobile, ship building and pressure vessel and other manufacturing industries.
  • TIG Welding WireOur company produces many kinds of welding wires and this TIG welding wire is specially designed for argon arc welding. This TIG welding wire has mechanical performance and great welding performance. TIG welding wire has advantages of high melting speed, high deposition rate, steady arc and beautiful welding seam.
    Furthermore, anti-corrosion ability is very strong and TIG welding wire is not sensitive to air hole in the ...
  • SAW Welding WireWith the rapid development of automatic welding machines and submerged arc welding process, a growing number of submerged arc welding is used and the demand of SAW welding wire is increasing. In order to meet the requirements of customers, our company provides a series of high quality SAW welding wires. And SAW welding wires are used to weld carbon steel and alloy steel whose strength...

Welding wire is a kind of filling material or electric conductor at the same time when welding process is ongoing. For example, welding wire is used as filling material in gas welding. While welding wire is filling material and electric conductor in submerged arc welding, electroslag welding and other protective gas welding. According to different welding processes, our welding wire can be categorized as MAG welding wire, TIG welding wire and SAW welding wire. The metal composition has been carefully tested. And our welding wire has excellent welding metal mechanical performance such as strong tensile strength, yielding strength, elongation and low temperature resistant ability. Welding wire is widely used in machine manufacturing, hydroelectricity, oil and chemistry and so on. In order to achieve excellent welding seam and property, users should choose the right welding wire and flux according to workpiece structure, welding equipment condition, welding materials and other factors, then undertake the welding process according to scientific welding process and standard.

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