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As an important auxiliary equipment, air duct is widely used in the central air conditioner and ventilation system. The air duct dedicated plasma cutting machine offers a wealth of features which are listed below.
1. Air duct is a kind of desk type high speed CNC flame cutting machine, coming with compact and concise appearance.
2. Cutting system makes use of pneumatic float height adjustment system which is most effective in cutting less than 5mm thick steel sheet. It fundamentally solves the problem caused by high speed cutting.
3. Its framework consisting of steel tubes in the welded condition can be treated with vibratory stress relief (VSR) to eliminate internal stress and guarantee the stability.
4. While cutting all kinds of metal plates, this cutting machine offers high cutting precision.
5. The cut is narrow, neat, without molten slag. The cut components will be ready for service immediately after cutting, avoiding any secondary processing.
6. This air duct dedicated plasma cutting machine is ideally suitable for iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, etc. It also can process thin section material which requires very fine detailed work.
7. It is characterized by high speed, high precision, stable performance, low costs, excellent cutting effect, as well as simple maintenance.
8. With high level configuration, this mechanism has automatic arc striking system with 99% success rate.
9. Air duct dedicated cutting software is available and there is no need for mastering complex drawing and calculation. Operators only need to choose the corresponding air duct and input several simple parameters, and this machine will automatically generate working procedures.

The air duct dedicated plasma cutter serves to cutting stainless steel, aluminum, etc., and now it is used to cut carbon steel. The reason is that this machine offers a high speed and is easy to set up the cutting conditions, more ideal for automatic, unattended operation.