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MAG Welding Wire

Our company produces low alloy steel welding wire, heat resistant welding wire and stainless steel welding wire. And annual production capacity is 30000 tons. Our welding wire is widely used in machine manufacturing, automobile, ship building and pressure vessel and other manufacturing industries.

Technical Specifications
Specification& Classification : AWSER70S-6
Chemical Composition ( % )
Elements C Mn Si P S Cu Ni Cr Mo V Fe
Requirement 0.06 0.15 1.40 1.85 0.80 1.15 Max. 0.025 Max. 0.025 Max. 0.50 Max. 0.15 Max. 0.15 Max. 0.15 Max. 0.03
Deposited Metal
Tensile Test of Deposited Metal Impact Test of Deposited Metal
Yieldstrength Mpa (σ0.2) Tensile Strength Mpa (σb ) Elongation % ( δ5 ) Test temp ℃ Absorbed Energy(Akv ) J
Requirement 420Min. 500Min. 22 Min. -30 27
Test Result
We hereby certify that this report is correct and that all test results are in compliance with the specification described herein. quality control section Liu Zhonghua

MAG welding wire has excellent welding properties such as steady arc, beautiful welding seam, high welding deposition rate and is suitable for all kinds of welding. Our company has a series of high quality MAG welding wire for sale and there are C, Mn, Si, P, S, Si, Cu, Ni, Cr, Mo, V, Fe and other elements. The amount of these metal elements all are in the reasonable range so the welding wire properties can be optimal. For example, the amount of Mn is 1.85% and this ensures a strong strength and toughness. Besides, Mn can eliminate oxygen and S, and can reduce the crack caused by S. This series of MAG welding wire is a kind of high efficient, energy saving and low material cost welding wire, and can be used in the welding of low carbon steel and low alloy steel structure. But rust, oil contamination and water need to eliminated when this welding wire is going to be used.

We are a professional MAG welding wire manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products including portable CNC plasma and flame cutting machine, 3 phase DC inverter submerged arc welding machine, gantry CNC plasma and flame cutting machine, MAG welding wire, and much more.

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