Technical Characteristic of Plasma Arc Welding Equipment

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1. The plasma arc comes with a cylindrical shape, offering excellent straightness and low divergence angle, so the shape and size of molten weld pool is slightly affected by the arc length fluctuation. Uniform weld lines will be easily obtained. Moreover, as the arc length increases, the fusion width of TIG welder will increase but the depth will decrease correspondingly.
2. Plasma arc welding equipment is characterized by high temperature welding column and high energy density, which enables it to centralize all energy onto the weldment surface, so its penetrating ability is greatly improved. With the equal fusion depth, this welding machine is capable of welding thicker steel plate than TIG welder, thus enhancing the welding efficiency.
In addition, plasma arc generates lower heat input and narrower welded seam with a large depth-to-width ratio. The narrow heat affected zone results in the minimal weld distortion.