H Beam Steel Straightening Machine

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H Beam Steel Straightening Machine

H beam steel need to be welded after it is assembled on the H beam steel assembling machine. And during the welding process, the flange of H beam steel will inevitably deform due to the thermal expansion and contraction. H beam steel straightening machine is a high efficient equipment specially designed for straightening H beam steel. It is also convenient to operate this straightening machine and H beam steel straightening machine is widely used in metallurgy buildings, metal structure, hydraulic machinery, industrial installation and other industries.

Technical Specifications
items Specification
Machine model JZ-40
Flange plate width 200-800mm
Flange plate thickness 6-40mm
Web plate min height 200mm
Straighten speed 9,000mm/min
Power supply AC380V50HZ
Total capacity 13.2Kw

In order to meet the requirements of customers, our company develops a series of high quality H beam steel straightening machines. The machine frame is made of welded parts and stress has been eliminated, and the structure is compact and looks beautiful. Straightening rolls are made of high quality alloy steel and had been through advanced heat treatment, so it is not easy to produce flaw. Straightening roll and main drive roll can produce a gap. And when H beam steel goes through this gap, H beam steel will produce elastic deformation and can achieve the correct shape under the pressure of straightening roll.

As a China H beam steel straightening machine manufacturer, our company also supplies DC inverter welding machine, table CNC fine plasma cutting machine, gantry flame straight strip cutting machine, SAW welding wire, and more.

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