Gantry Flame Straight Strip Cutting Machine

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Gantry Flame Straight Strip Cutting Machine

Gantry flame straight strip cutting machine is equipped with 1 set of transversal torch which is used for transversal straight strip cutting and several sets of longitudinal torches used for longitudinal straight strip cutting. Transversal torch is on the front side of the machine and longitudinal torches are on the auxiliary beam. This prevents deformation of strips and improves production efficiency.

DC single drive is adopted and provides high quality power. Electrical control system can guarantee automatic and stable operation. And high precision gear rack transmission ensures a high machine operation precision. Besides, advanced Korean hardware and software are installed to improve performance. In fact, our gantry flame straight strip cutting machine cutting precision is in accordance with German DIN2310 standard and our company also holds CE certification. And our high quality gantry flame straight strip cutting machine is widely used in the strip cutting of steel structure and shipbuilding industry due to its high production efficiency and low cost.

Technical Specifications
Items Parameters
Models GZ-3000 GZ-3500 GZ-4000
Driving ways DC single drive DC single drive DC single drive
Gas route Italy FITT
Electro-magnetic valve Italy CEME
Flame torch Transversal torch:1,longitudinal torch:above 9 sets,optional for customer
Cut thickness Stripe torch:6-50mm
Cut speed 50-750mm/min
Idle speed ≤2500mm/min
Rail span 3000mm 3500mm 4000mm
Cut precision 80-2100mm 80-2600mm 80-3100mm
Standard rail length 12000mm,optional for customer
Cutting length ≤rail length-2000(mm)
Cutting quality Chinese JB/T10045.4-1999,German DIN2310

Flame straight strip cutting machine is a kind of high efficiency gas flame cutting equipment whose cutting fuel is oxygen or acetylene. It can cut several times at the same time and is ideal for strip cutting of different carbon steel, manganese steel and other metal materials. Our company can provide customers with a series of gantry flame straight cutting machines equipped with Italian FITT gas hose and Italian CEME magnetic valve. So flame cutting tolerance can be very small and machine cutting quality is in accordance with Chinese JB/T10045.4-1999 and German DIN2310.

As a China-based gantry flame straight strip cutting machine manufacturer, we also provide H beam steel production line, 3 phase DC inverter manual metal arc welding machine, table CNC fine plasma cutting machine, welding wire, and more.

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