Development Status of Plasma Cutting Technology

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The plasma cutting technology is used for cutting stainless steel, aluminum, etc. and now it is applicable to carbon steel. The main reason is that this technology gives a high cutting speed and the plasma cutter is easy to set up the cutting conditions, ideally suitable for automatic, unattended operation. While during the gas cutting process, it is necessary to frequently adjust the flame height, thus slowing down the cutting speed. Moreover, the preheating time is not conducive to enhancing the cutting efficiency. In a word, the plasma cutting machine is more ideal for automatic, unattended operation.

The key of air or oxygen plasma cutting technology is that the consumable lifespan of cutting torch. Due to the oxidizability of air or oxygen, the electrode, jet nozzle of the torch shall withstand the high temperature arc. As a result, the electrode used by today adopts the hafnium with high melting points, and is embedded in cooper by specific methods. The jet nozzle utilizes double-layer air flow structure which contributes to improving the flow directivity, speed as well as purity of plasma gas, protecting the nozzle and further compressing the arc. Additionally, to reduce the electrode consumption, the cutting gas uses the mixed nitrogen and oxygen gas while striking arc with low speed, and then switch to oxygen after arc striking. To sump up, the service life of electrode and nozzle used by today is longer than before and the corresponding cutting current has reached 500A.