Features of Flame Cutting

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The CNC flame cutting machine can find a wealth of applications, especially for the medium plate. Compared with other similar hot cutting modes, the flame cutting comes with high cutting quality, good perpendicularity, as well as large cutting thickness.

1. High Cutting Quality
In general, flame cutter is commonly used for medium plate with 20mm-100mm thick. It begins with the edge of steel plate with speed range of 0-700mm/min, achieving less than 2mm kerf width. It is also applied with automatic height adjustment control system, enabling the cutting torch to keep stable during the whole cutting process.

2. Good Perpendicularity
Being different from the V-shaped cutting plane resulted from plasma arc, the CNC flame cutting machine offers good perpendicularity and less than 2-3° gradient.

3. Large Cutting Thickness
In the practical applications, the processing thickness of flame cutter ranges from 6mm to 200mm. If you replace the cutting nozzle and gas circuit, the cutting thickness can reach 350mm.