Eight Features of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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1. This CNC plasma cutting machine makes use of advanced plasma dedicated XHSD computerized numerical control system, supporting full offline working and offering humanized operation interface.
2. This device is capable of transmitting the data rapidly. It adopts advanced USB interface without taking up the computer resource.
3. It is compatible with many kinds of software such as Corel Draw, AutoCAD, and other software.
4. The CNC plasma cutting machine is able to realize the carefree and high efficient working, integrating with outage, breakpoint continued cutting, prediction of processing time, automatic alignment tool, and other functions.
5. The Japan THK linear guideway ensures that the cut is small and neat, without the phenomenon of hanging slag.
6. This mechanism comes with a reasonable structure, offering strong anti-interference capability.
7. It is design for cutting aluminum, steel, iron, copper, titanium plate, and other conducting metals with high efficiency and high precision.
8. Servo system, transmission system, worktable, and dust extraction system are available.