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  • Gantry CNC Plasma and Flame Cutting MachineThe gantry CNC plasma and flame cutting machine are widely applied to the cutting of shipbuilding industry, steel structure, pressure vessel and various metallic plates in mechanical industry. Its high automation and cutting precision save the human resources and improve the working efficiency, which makes it suitable for industrial and mining enterprises...
  • Table CNC Fine Plasma Cutting MachineThe table CNC fine plasma cutting machine is applicable to the cutting of fine plasma for its high precision, quick move of cutting torch, small floor area and high integration of cutting system. Its effective cutting size is 1.5*3M and 2*4 M and can also be customized according to the requirements of customers.
    Table CNC fine plasma cutting machine has many features. The CNC system is from ...
  • Portable CNC Plasma and Flame Cutting MachineThe portable CNC plasma/flame cutting machine is easy to be installed, dismantled and moved. It has two cutting types, and that is to say, flame and low power plasma cutting. The cutting drawing can be programmed by AUTOCAD and be transmitted to the CNC system by USB socket.
    Our portable CNC plasma and flame cutting machine has many advantages. It adopts the integrated ...
  • CNC intersection Plasma and Flame Pipe Cutting MachineOur CNC intersection plasma and flame pipe cutting machine is equipped with Australian FASTCNC system or computer control system developed by Shanghai Jiaotong University. This makes our machine more cost efficient. And its beautiful look, easy operation and high manufacturing precision also makes our CNC intersection plasma and flame pipe cutting machine widely used in oil, building, steel structure and ...

The CNC cutting machine is a mechanical and electrical integrated equipment, which drives the movement of machine tool for different applications. Compared with the traditional manual cutting, it is featured as good cutting quality, small size error, low material waste, high production efficiency and easy operation. Besides, the cutting machine has more complete fuctions than the semi-automatic cutting machine. CNC cutting machine is ideal for manufacturing parts with less regular shape, singleton and heavy-duty workpiece.

As a professional producer and supplier of CNC cutting machine, we will provide you with various products, including flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine, gantry CNC plasma, portable CNC cutting machine, table CNC cutting machine and CNC intersection Cutting Machine. The cutting machine adopts the advanced CNC cutting system, reliable hardware, rich software function, user-friendly interface and it is easy to operate the CNC cutting machine.

Since the cutting machine is a sophisticated equipment, operators should receive professional CNC cutting training. The guide rail and transmission rack should be cleaned in the daily maintenance. Lubricating oil should be used to ensure a longer service life of the equipment.

As a specialized CNC cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide gantry flame straight strip cutting machine, 3 phase DC inverter manual metal arc welding machine, MAG welding wire, table CNC fine plasma cutting machine, and more.

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