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Table CNC Fine Plasma Cutting Machine

The table CNC fine plasma cutting machine is applicable to the cutting of fine plasma for its high precision, quick move of cutting torch, small floor area and high integration of cutting system. Its effective cutting size is 1.5*3M and 2*4 M and can also be customized according to the requirements of customers.

Table CNC fine plasma cutting machine has many features. The CNC system is from US HYPERTHERM and BURNY, so high cutting speed and high running precision can be achieved. The double servo drive and linear guiding track ensure high precision performance. AC servo systems and gear reducer are from Japanese Panasonic and Simpo, German Neugart brands. The plasma power employs the world famous high and fine laser plasma power. Fume extraction can be installed on the cutting table to protect the environment. The structure is modularized and integrated, easy and convenient for installation. Besides, the cutting machine is CE compliant and is in accordance with German DIN2310 standard. And the cutting machine has the advantages of good outlook, high precision, rigid structure, small inertia and stable performance.

Parameters of table CNC fine plasma cutting machine
Items Specifications
Model GST-1.5×3.0 GST-2.0×4.0
CNC System US Hypertherm Micro-EDGE Pro
Drive Way Double servo drive
Servo System Japanese Panasonic
Gear Reducer German NEUGART
CNC Torch CNC plasma torch: 1 set
Arc Voltage THC US Hypertherm sensor-THC
Plasma Power US Hypertherm HPR series
Plasma Piecing Thickness ≤16mm ≤32mm ≤38mm
Edge Cutting Speed ≤38mm ≤64mm ≤80mm
Plasma Cutting Speed 0-6000mm/min
Machine Idle Speed ≤12000mm/min
Cutting Width ≤1500mm ≤2000mm
Cutting Length ≤3000mm ≤4000mm
Cutting Quality Chinese JB/T10045.4-1999 and German DIN2310 standard

The table CNC fine plasma cutting machine ionizes the ejected high-flow gas under high temperature and forms electric conductor. When the current passes, the heat of high temperature plasma arc partly melts the metal on the cutting edge of workpiece and eliminates the molten metal by resorting to the high-speed plasma. The unique table structure of the cutting machine has a great advantage in thin plate cutting. Its plasma power introduced from US HPR series provides a stronger, more concentrated and more stable arc, thus making the cutting face smoother. The fine plasma cutting machine adopts the servo system of Panasonic, ensuring a more flexible torque, speed and position. Its guide rail surface is fine grinded by grinding machine, reduces the running resistance of workpiece, thus ensuring a smooth surface. Compared with the CNC flame cutting machine, the table CNC fine plasma cutting machine has a broader range of applications, including the stainless steel and thermal deformation and non-ferrous metal with large thermal deformation.

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